What is petTOX?

petTOX poisons database

What is petTOX?

petTOX poisons databasepetTOX is a database which has been custom developed for the Australian Animal Poisons Centre. Exclusive to petTOX, is its ability to provide real-time data mapping of poisoning cases. This unique feature will assist the Animal Poisons Centre track and monitor poisoning events around Australia in real-time. By informing authorities, vets and pet owners we hope to reduce morbidity and mortality associated with animal poisonings.

Another feature, special to petTOX is the capability to send real-time poisoned patient alerts to veterinary clinics to expect a poisoned patient. This unique feature will assist the Animal Poisons Centre in revolutionising the management of poisoned animals in Australia. As a result of the real-time notification and included risk assessment, veterinarians can prepare themselves for incoming poisoned patients and effective treatment can be implemented more rapidly. This ultimately translates to improved patient outcomes.

If you would like to know more about petTOX, visit https://animalpoisons.com.au/pettox-database/

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