Established in 2019, the Animal Poisons Centre is one of only a handful of animal poison information services available world wide. What makes us even more unique is that calls from pet owners to our emergency 1300 TOX PET (AU) or 0800 TOX PET (NZ) hotline are FREE.


Our mission is clear; to reduce harm and deaths associated with animal poisonings.We have over 20 years experience in poisons centres both in Australia and internationally, and we know first hand the importance of the role that poison centres play in the management of poisoning.

How do WE help?


  • 1300 TOX PET (1300 869 738) – A FREE animal poisons helpline for pet owners
  • Specialist advice to vet clinics managing poisoned animals with the aim of reducing morbidity and mortality associated with animal poisoning
  • Reducing average admission times and the associated costs of treating poisoned animals
  • Promote poisoning prevention in animals
  • Increase public awareness surrounding animal poisoning
  • Identify poisoning trends and feed this information back to relevant professional bodies such as the APVMA
  • Provide continued education events to veterinary professionals
  • Participate in animal toxicology research



How can YOU help?


  • Spread the word! Talk to your animal loving peers, inform your local vet, follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and share our posts
  • Promote us in your space if you work in a pet store, a vet clinic or for an animal welfare organisation. Request your free promotional materials
  • Collaborate with us. Got an idea? Let us know. We love working with like minded people
  • Help us to continue to provide our free service to pet owners by becoming a sponsor. Contact us for more information