Smoke Inhalation And Your Pet

Smoke Inhalation And Your Pet

Smoke contains a range of combustion products that can be toxic to your pets. Whilst the composition of smoke can vary significantly, inhaling enough of it can result in irritation of the airways, inflammation of lung tissue, reduced blood oxygen levels, coma, seizures and death.

Severity of poisoning will depend on the smoke composition, the amount inhaled (both concentration and length of time) and the animals pre-existing health status. Whilst all animals can succumb to the effects of smoke inhalation, birds are particularly sensitive due to their unique respiratory system. Any animals that are suffering from smoke inhalation symptoms should ideally receive oxygen therapy and veterinary assessment as soon as possible.

This fire season has clearly been devastating, so it is crucial that you have a fire plan in place that includes your pets. For more information about preparing an emergency plan for your animals, see the following information from the RSPCA …

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