petTOX Database

petTOX is a cloud based cross-platform data management software (DMS) that maintains animal toxicology data collection and reporting. petTOX has been designed and built specifically for the Animal Poisons Centre and employs a standard format, controlled and defined terminology, and an internationally harmonized classification scheme. These features make it possible to compare data collected by different agencies both domestically and internationally.


petTOX logs details of cases, tracks calls, records information, generates statistics and alerts vets of expected patients. Information can be analysed for clinical, research, toxicovigilance or administrative purposes and reports can be rapidly produced for any time interval.


petTOX employs an automated and intuitive SMS follow up service to collect poisoning outcome data. All pet owners that call the Animal Poisons Centre receive an SMS asking if their pet developed any further symptoms after the call. The timing of the SMS is fully customised and dependent on the poison involved (and when symptoms are expected to occur). Responses are automatically integrated into the case record, and when further symptoms have occurred, cases will be automatically marked for follow up by one of our poisons specialists.

This de-identified outcome data assists the Animal Poisons Centre in continuing to refine the management of poisoned animals and ultimately translates into better outcomes for poisoned pets.



petTOX also features real-time data mapping of poisoning cases. This unique feature will assist the Animal Poisons Centre track and monitor poisoning events around Australia and New Zealand in real-time. By informing authorities, vets and pet owners we hope to reduce morbidity and mortality associated with animal poisonings.


Exclusive to petTOX is the ability to send real-time case details and risk assessments to veterinary members who are expecting poisoned patients. This unique feature has assisted the Animal Poisons Centre in revolutionising the management of poisoned animals in Australia and New Zealand. As a result of the real-time notification functionality, member veterinarians can prepare themselves for incoming poisoned patients and effective treatment can be implemented more rapidly. This ultimately translates to improved patient outcomes.


Real-time risk assessment notifications will include;

  • Contact details of pet owner
  • Animal details and initial symptomatology
  • Poison and/or product details
  • A risk assessment based on the poison, dose, route of exposure and type of animal
  • Any first aid treatments already commenced
  • Product images and relevant  photographs
  • A case reference number for follow-up with the Animal Poisons Centre
  • A recommendation to contact the Animal Poisons Centre if this is likely to improve outcomes



petTOX access is password protected and hosted on a local and dedicated Australian server. An audit trail is created when any case is accessed or modified,  ensuring all relevant security requirements are met. Key capabilities include: 


  • Strong authentication. Entries that are stored within petTOX are encrypted once and never decrypted thereafter. 
  • External authentication. Users can be authenticated via Active Directory or Open Directory. 
  • Granular control. Supervisors can designate and modify individual access privileges, down to the table, layout, record or even individual field level. 
  • Data transfer encryption.
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