White Cedar Moth

White Cedar Moth

Have you seen this caterpillar? The white cedar moth (Leptocneria reducta) is found in all Australian states and territories except Tasmania. These caterpillars can be present in large numbers near white cedar trees, typically migrating en masse during the evenings to feed on the foliage.

With fine hairs covering their body, contact with these caterpillars can result in itching and swelling. This condition is known as erucism, or more commonly ‘caterpillar dermatitis’. Pets that lick, chew, or ingest the caterpillars can be at risk of problems from hairs becoming embedded in the mouth and throat. Inhalation of airborne hairs can also result in respiratory complications.

If you have a white cedar tree growing in your neighbourhood, ensure you leash and observe your pet whilst near them. The berries from the white cedar tree can also result in poisoning if ingested and are said to be sweet and highly palatable.

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