Vitamin D And Your Pet

Vitamin D And Your Pet

Vitamin D3 can be extremely dangerous to dogs and cats when consumed in amounts greater than dietary recommendations. Excess Vitamin D causes an imbalance of calcium and phosphorus in the body leading to life-threatening hardening of organs such as the kidneys, stomach and intestines and the heart.

Sources of Vitamin D3 around the home include:

  • Vitamin D3 capsules, liquids and drops
  • Multivitamins
  • Psoriasis creams
  • Mouse and rat poisons containing cholecalciferol
  • Your pet can not get Vitamin D poisoning from spending too much time in the sun.


To avoid Vitamin D poisoning of your pet:

  • Keep all medications for people out of reach of pets and preferably locked away in cabinets
  • Do not leave medications on bench tops or tables
  • Keep handbags and backpacks closed and off the ground
  • Store rat baits in pet-proof containers, up high on a shelf or in a cabinet and preferably in a secured shed or garage that your pet can not access