ALERT! Poison Found at Prince Alfred Park

ALERT! Poison Found at Prince Alfred Park


We have just been alerted that bromadiolone based rodenticide has been found placed in the Prince Alfred dog park in Surry Hills, NSW. Several baits have been located and removed; however, it remains a possibility that additional baits may remain in place in or nearby this park.

Bromadiolone is a second generation long-acting anticoagulant rodenticide. Dogs that ingest enough of this bait can be at risk of life-threatening bleeding, which is typically delayed in onset. Bromadiolone is often formulated in grain-based baits to attract rodents and unfortunately can therefore be attractive to dogs as well.

We have informed the City of Sydney regarding the presence of these baits. If you frequent this park with your dog (or have friends or family that do), please be vigilant and consider leashed play/walks only.

☎️ If your pet has ingested something they should not have, please phone the Animal Poisons Helpline 1300 869 738 (AU) or 0800 869 738 (NZ) for advice. The Animal Poisons Helpline provides a free service for all pet owners in Australia and New Zealand, and we can rapidly determine if your pet requires immediate veterinary assessment or can be observed at home.

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