Oral Contraceptives And Your Pet

oral contraceptives and pets

Oral Contraceptives And Your Pet

oral contraceptives and petsStay inside we are told. Don’t leave the house. No sports to watch. Internet connections are slow. How will couples self-isolating pass the time…….

The next generation of babies already have a name: “Coronials”. Some couples may feel that now is not the time to have a “Coronial” and understandably many women may choose to use birth control pills. The Australian Animal Poisons Centre receives lots of calls from pet owners whose dogs have eaten single birth control pills or even entire boxes of them.

The good news is that we generally do not consider birth control pills to be poisonous to pets. They contain small amounts of oestrogen and progesterone hormones. At very high doses they may be toxic to the bone marrow leading to decreases in white cells (the inflammatory cells important for fighting infections) and red blood cells (leading to anaemia). Lethargy and wobbliness in the limbs may also be seen. If you phone us, we can calculate for you whether the amount your pet has eaten is likely to cause any problems and what you should do next.

Animals may also eat the plastic blister packs that the pills come in. These may cause a bowel obstruction depending on the amount ingested and how your pet has chewed on the plastic (e.g., chewed into little pieces or swallowed almost whole). It is best to call us to discuss; we can advise on what you can do at home or whether your pet should be seen by a vet.

Our service is free for all pet owners. Phone us on 1300 869 738 (from Australia) or 0800 869 738 (from New Zealand).