The Moth Vine And Your Pets

moth vine

The Moth Vine And Your Pets

moth vineHave you seen this plant?

Araujia sericifera, otherwise known as the Moth Vine, Moth Plant, False Choke or Cruel Vine is a common and widely distributed introduced perennial weed found throughout Australia and the north island of New Zealand. The Moth Vine is currently fruiting and will continue to do so until mid-winter.

The leaves, stems, fruit and possibly seeds contain toxins which affect the gastrointestinal tract and central nervous system. It is reported that some variants may also contain toxins that affect the heart. When damaged, an irritating milky sap leaks from the plant.

Horses, cattle, and birds have been poisoned by the Moth Vine and there are anecdotal reports of small animals such as dogs being affected after eating the plant. Symptoms of poisoning may include vomiting (in animals that can vomit), diarrhoea, refusal to eat, unsteadiness on the feet and potentially seizures.

If you see this plant in an area accessible to your pet, it is best removed. If your pet has ingested any part of the Moth Vine, please phone the Animal Poisons Helpline on 1300 869 738 (AU) or 0800 869 738 (NZ) for advice. The Animal Poisons Helpline is a free service for all pet owners in Australia and New Zealand.

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