Is This Snail Bait Safe To Use

Is This Snail Bait Safe To Use

With many of us back into spring gardening, the Animal Poisons Helpline has noticed an increase in cases of snail bait poisoning. We would like to remind all pet owners about the safe use of snail bait.

Most snail bait products that are available in Australia and New Zealand contain either metaldehyde, methiocarb or iron-EDTA. Dogs often find these products highly attractive and will ingest large quantities (the whole box) if given the chance to do so.

Some products may be labelled as pet friendly whilst others incorporate a bittering agent to deter ingestion. In our experience these bittering agents do not stop curious dogs and whilst some snail baits are considered safer than others, it is important to note that a large ingestion of any of these products may result in life-threatening poisoning.

To prevent snail bait poisoning in your pets;

✅ Ensure your pets never have access to the packaging. Many of these products are available in cardboard boxes and can easily be chewed through.
✅ Use as per the manufacturer’s recommendations. Do not sprinkle excessive quantities or heap pellets in any particular area. Applying more than recommended can drastically increase the risk to pets.
✅ Be careful not to sprinkle any pellets onto pedestrian pathways next to your garden. Passing dogs may find these highly appetising and you may inadvertently poison someone else’s pet.
✅ Consider pesticide free solutions such as manually removing snails.

If your pet has ingested any snail bait, early assessment and intervention where appropriate can be lifesaving. Please call the Animal Poisons Helpline immediately on 1300 869 738 (AU) or 0800 869 738 (NZ) for advice, even if your pet looks well. Our service is free for all pet owners.

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