Important to be prepared

Important to be prepared

The vast majority of calls received by the Animal Poisons Helpline are in regard to animals that have accidentally been poisoned. Despite what many may think, in most of these cases pet owners have stored poisons appropriately. There are many ways that pets can inadvertently be exposed to poisons, ranging from a visiting friend leaving a handbag on a bench to the wind blowing something down into an area accessible to an animal. The bottom line is that accidents are not all that uncommon and it’s important to be prepared for these.

Poisoning and envenoming cases can often be complex and expensive to treat. Life-saving decontamination, round the clock supportive care, laboratory investigations and antivenoms or antidotes can quickly add up to thousands of dollars. We often see pets denied life-saving care for poisoning related illness because of financial constraints.

Pet insurance provides peace of mind so that you will not have to worry about the financial devastation that can come from choosing life-saving care for your pet. Accidents can happen at any time. If you do not yet have pet insurance for any of your pets, we urge you to consider taking out a policy as soon as you possibly can.

From our beginnings, Bow Wow Meow for Pets have been an incredible supporter of the Animal Poisons Helpline. Their continued platinum sponsorship has ensured that Australian pet owners can obtain rapid and free phone advice from an experienced member of our team 7 days a week. Bow Wow Meow Pet Insurance are currently offering two months free pet insurance in the first year of coverage for Animal Poison Helpline followers.

You can access the discounted pet insurance policies at

Please show them your support so that they can continue to help keep the Animal Poisons Helpline available for all Australian pet owners.