Duranta And Your Pets

Duranta And Your Pets

Did you know that Duranta erecta (commonly known as Geisha girl, Sheena’s gold, golden dewdrop, or simply Duranta) can be toxic to your pets?

The leaves and berries are known to be toxic, however the toxin responsible for poisoning has not yet been identified. Dogs are known to be attracted to this plant and may even try to jump up into shrubs to eat the berries. Life-threatening poisoning in both dogs and cats may occur, however a large number of berries or leaves need to be ingested before serious effects are seen. Poisoning has also been reported in parrots, finches, pigs, cows, and kangaroos.

Signs of poisoning may include drowsiness, drooling, vomiting, diarrhoea, a lowering of the heart rate, tremors, and potential convulsion or seizures which can be brought on by loud noises. Animals that survive severe poisoning may take days to improve.

☎️ If your pet has ingested something they should not have, please phone the Animal Poisons Helpline 1300 869 738 (AU) or 0800 869 738 (NZ) for advice. The Animal Poisons Helpline provides a free service for all pet owners in Australia and New Zealand, and we can rapidly determine if your pet requires immediate veterinary assessment or can be observed at home.
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