5 New Year’s Eve Dangers

5 New Year’s Eve Dangers

As we close out 2021 and celebrate the beginning of 2022, calls to the Animal Poisons Helpline are on the rise. Please keep your pets safe during the New Year’s Celebration and watch out for the following dangers:

💥Sparklers – Contains metals such as barium and iron, which in large amounts can result serious toxicity. Be sure to always discard used sparklers and ensure they are kept well away from pets.

🍾Alcohol – Pets may help themselves to any alcohol left unattended including wine and liqueurs and ingestion can cause similar signs in them as it does in their owners when drunk in excess. Dogs can become wobbly and drowsy and in severe cases there is a risk of low body temperature, low blood sugar and coma.

🥩BBQ and Platter Meats – Greasy, salty, and delicious. Highly attractive to our pets and if given a chance, many will rapidly eat all that is available to them. Excessive consumption of fatty foods can bring on a bout of pancreatitis and large amounts of salt can result in dangerous high sodium levels. Dogs often lick dirty BBQ plates that are sitting aside waiting to be cleaned (sometimes they are already covered in caustic grill cleaners).

🍫Chocolate – Contains methylxanthine compounds which are toxic to dogs and cats. Darker chocolate is more dangerous than milk chocolate. White chocolate has negligible levels of methylxanthines, whilst dark baking chocolate and cocoa contain the highest amounts.

🏖Beach Dangers – Include snakes, beached puffer fish and blue bottles to name a few. Many dogs are very inquisitive and will approach these dangerous animals in the blink of an eye.

🎇We wish you all a safe and happy new year, and we look forward to continuing to assist you and your pets in 2022.

This post has been gratefully sponsored by a grant from Animal Welfare Victoria.