5 Common Beach Toxins And Your Dog

5 Common Beach Toxins And Your Dog

As we head into warmer weather and drift closer to summer, our team have already noticed an increase in calls regarding beach related poisonings. From the weird and wonderful creatures which wash up on our pristine shores, to the sea water itself; please be mindful of the risks of beach adventures with your pets.

Spend a few minutes inspecting the shoreline before removing your pet’s leash, particularly in the days following strong onshore winds. If there are washed up jellyfish, bluebottles, pufferfish, or sea hares; keeping your pet leashed is a good idea. Where possible, do not to let your pet drink sea water and always offer regular fresh water during and after visits to the beach.

☎️ For all animal poisoning queries, you can call the Animal Poisons Helpline on 1300 869 738 (AU) or 0800 869 738 (NZ). Our service is free for all pet owners.

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