Poisons Centre

A Specialist Service For Poisoned Animals

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Poisons Centre

A specialist service for poisoned animals.

FREE for pet owners.

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From medication and cleaning products, to plants and human food, animal poisons come in a range of shapes and sizes. Take a look at our full list of common poisons

For Owners

We provide a FREE service for pet owners. If you suspect your pet has been poisoned, please contact us immediately for specialist advice or take your pet to a veterinarian

For Vets

We provide rapid, evidence-based management advice for poisoned animals. Membership comes with many other benefits. Contact us today for more information

Our Process


A poisons specialist receives your call and collects relevant details


The poisoning is assessed and tailored treatment advice is provided


Consultation and follow-up with your veterinarian is performed as required

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The Animal Poisons Centre receives calls about all types of poisons. From medications and cleaning products, to plants and human food. Whilst many exposures result in little or no toxicity, there are some poisons that can be highly toxic in small amounts

Latest News

  • The Animal Poisons Centre team and working tirelessly around the clock to improve outcomes for poisoned animals. Two weeks ago, we rolled out an automated and intuitive SMS follow up service. All pet owners that call the Animal Poisons Centre now receive an SMS asking......

  • Whilst calls to the Animal Poisons Centre regarding toothpaste ingestion are not particularly common, it can potentially be a concern if large enough amounts are ingested. Most toothpastes contain some form of fluoride such as sodium fluoride or sodium monofluorophosphate. Whilst fluoride is great for......

  • At the moment cases of tick paralysis in dogs and cats are not at their peak. This is because Australian Paralysis Ticks are most active in Spring and early Summer. They are found mostly along the east coast of Australia. Their primary host is the bandicoot, but they can also be found on a number of other...

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