Meet The Team

Member One

Registered Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Specialist

We are currently searching for a Registered Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Specialist to join our team. If you would like more information please contact us.

Kasra Ahmadi

Poisons Specialist

A registered pharmacist who underwent training in the area of toxicology and poisons information at the very start of his professional career. With almost 12 years of experience in poisons information,  Kasra’s interests have been in the area of operations and management. Kasra is also a Therapeutic Guidelines expert group member in the area of toxicology and toxinology. Poisons aside, Kasra has over 10 years experience in medical, pharmaceutical and dental healthcare management and ownership. He has tertiary education in the field of computer and communications engineering as well as software and database design. After his own dog was accidently poisoned whilst he was away on holidays, he felt compelled to assist and play a pivotal role in the management of poisoned animals in Australia.

Nick Merwood

Poisons Specialist

Graduating with a Masters in Pharmacy, Nick’s interest in clinical toxicology led him to a role as a Poisons Specialist. In his 9 years of experience working in poisons information, Nick has carried out numerous management roles including the role of Acting Head of Department. He has a thirst for knowledge, and is driven by the need to improve morbidity and mortality outcomes through evidence based practices. In his role to establish a new poisons centre at Sidra Medicine in Doha, Qatar, Nick was responsible for developing operational guidelines, clinical management guidelines and establishing the countries first poisons register. Nick has a passion for animal welfare and as part of the team at the Animal Poisons Centre, strives to continuously improve the management of poisoned animals in Australasia.