Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the role of the Australian Animal Poisons Centre?

We provide rapid, up-to-date and evidence based advice to pet owners and veterinarians for poisoned animals. The service will be FREE for all Australian pet owners. We aim to revolutionise the management of poisoned animals in Australia and reduce the morbidity and mortality that is associated with animal poisoning by;

• Promoting animal poisoning prevention
• Increasing the public awareness of animal poisoning
• Providing a toxicovigilance role by identifying poisoning trends and reporting these trends to the relevant professional bodies
• Providing continued education events to veterinary professionals
• Participating in animal toxicology research

Who will I talk to when I call the Animal Poisons Centre?

The Australian Animal Poisons Centre is staffed by Poisons Specialists and specialist Veterinarians. All clinical staff employed at the service have in depth knowledge and experience in treating poisoned patients. All clinical guidelines are ratified by our board certified Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Specialist.

The service is free for all Australian pet owners, what’s the catch?

There really is no catch. We wanted to make our service as accessible as possible to all Australian pet owners. This would not be possible without support from our subscribing veterinary practices, sponsors and industry partners.

Are you a 24-hour service?

We currently offer an ‘extended office hours’ service (9AM – 8PM AEST) to all Australian pet owners, 7 days per week. We are working hard to progress to a 24-hour service for the public. In the mean-time, if your pet is poisoned ‘out of hours’, please consult with your nearest veterinarian clinic that is open. We provide a 24-hour on-call service to Animal Poisons Centre registered veterinary practices who require support with managing poisoned patients.

Are you open to sponsorships?

Absolutely! We offer sponsorship packages and all support received assist us in providing a free service to the public. By sponsoring the Australian Animal Poisons Centre, your organization is supporting a great cause. For more information click here.

How can I provide feedback or get more information?

We value feedback and take all suggestions on board. To get in touch with us, email or complete the contact form here.