Calling the Animal Poisons Centre From New Zealand

You can call the Animal Poisons Centre from New Zealand by dialling 0800 TOX PET (0800 869 738). When you call, we may ask for the following information to assist in making a risk assessment:

  • Details about the animal that has been poisoned such as the animal’s name, weight, breed and past medical history.
  • Details about the poison(s) they have been exposed to such as the product name and concentration. Always try to have the bottle or packaging of the product in front of you when you call.
  • Details about the exposure such as route of exposure (ingestion, skin, eye etc), the duration of exposure/time since exposure and the quantity.
  • How the animal is currently. Do they have any signs or symptoms of poisoning?
  • Details about any treatment that has already been performed prior to calling us.

The Animal Poisons Centre will then conduct a risk assessment on your pet’s exposure and provide treatment recommendations or referral advice if necessary. If you are a veterinarian that is calling about a poisoned patient, please have your clinic member number ready.

Our free service for pet owners is open from 11AM until 10PM NZDT (9AM until 8PM AEST). We are working hard to become a 24-hour service.