About Us

What does our service actually do?

The Animal Poisons Helpline is a registered animal charity that provides a FREE service to pet owners. The service provides rapid up-to-date first-aid advice, risk assessment and triage recommendations to pet owners who may be dealing with a poisoned animals. We aim to reduce the morbidity and mortality that is associated with animal poisoning by;

  • Promoting animal poisoning prevention
  • Increasing the public awareness of animal poisoning
  • Providing a toxicovigilance role by identifying poisoning trends and reporting these trends to the relevant professional bodies

Who are we?

The Animal Poisons Helpline is staffed by Poisons Information Consultants. All Poisons Information Consultants at the service have prior experience as senior emergency veterinarians or as clinical pharmacists, have a special interest in veterinary toxicology and an in-depth knowledge of treating poisoned patients.

The Animal Poison Helpline number

The Animal Poisons Helpline number is 1300 869 738 (from Australia) and 0800 869 738 (from New Zealand) and is a FREE service for all Australian pet owners. We can provide first aid advice, help assess the risk to your animal and will provide a recommendation to seek veterinary attention when required.

Don’t forget to add our phone number to your contacts so that you can call us quickly if you ever need. All pet owners should have quick access to our emergency line if they ever require advice, it could be life saving.

Our Operational Hours

The free helpline is open from 9AM to 5PM AEST (9AM to 5PM AEDT during DST) to all Australian pet owners, 7 days per week. An after hours on-call poisons specialist is available for consultation outside of these hours for $85 AUD.

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Do You Need More Information?

If you are not able to find an answer to your question on our website, please kindly email us at info@animalpoisons.com.au or you may use our contact form here. Please do not use our emergency poisons helpline number for general queries as we need to keep the line open and readily available for poisoning cases.